Starting your business in the UK is hard, we make it easy

We offer bespoke Business Consultancy services for both you and your business. Our team of professionals can help you invest or establish a new business in the UK or expand your overseas business in the UK.

Start a Company in the UK

Regardless of whether you’re looking to start a company in the UK or secure a franchise of an already established business, The One World are fully aware that this can be a challenging and highly stressful time; and are uniquely positioned to simplify the entire process.

We believe that your business is our business and our bespoke business and services are tailored to each individual client’s needs. Whether you are incorporating a new company or a branch of your already established overseas business or looking to find a profitable business in the UK to invest in or become a franchisee of, we have the capabilities to help.  

Our years of experience working with overseas businesses that want to set up and expand in the UK means that we can be on hand to advise and guide you through every process. 

Start A Company in UK

Why chose One World?

With extensive experience in starting and managing cross border businesses, we create a bespoke and personalised service especially created around you and your business.

Our team of professionals have assisted many companies in all industries with their move and expansion plans in the UK. Working with us means you will have access to all the necessary information you need to decide on the best structure for your expansion plans in the UK.

Personal Service

Our clients receive a highly tailored service that is proactive and pre-empts their business and expansion needs. Each recommendation is specific to each individual client. There is no right solution for everyone, but there is a right solution for you.

Cross-border focused

Unlike other companies, we are only focused on helping overseas businesses and business-people start their business journey in the UK. Our job is to help you make the right choice from your overseas home.

Expertise. Access to knowledge

We are the UK business experts and we know the UK systems inside out. Our clients rely on us to keep them up to date.

Professional Network

Our extensive network across the UK will ensure that we can get you the best business opportunities and put you in front of the right people within the specified time.

Convenience. Save Time

We offer one point of contact for all of our clients. This allows you to carry on with your day without disturbance. And we’ll save you the most precious commodity time.

Business focused

We work with businesses that are interested in operating out of the UK. We do not offer a corporate solution as an aside but it's our bread and butter.

At the One world, we have teams in place to manage our clients’ plans, whether it is incorporating and starting a new business, expanding their already established overseas business or acquire or invest in a UK business.  Even if you have never been in the UK before, we can find and structure the perfect opportunity for you and assist with each and every step of the process. 

One World

"Your Business is our Business"

One World Business

All business and ongoing management arrangements can be organised, co-ordinated, and completed on your behalf by our team of experienced professionals, ensuring that your transition into the UK is as simple and streamlined as possible.

We understand that each client and business are totally unique, and as a result, each of our clients receives a tailored strategy that covers everything from legal compliance to day to day operations.

We are the Business behind the Business

The One World invites you to escape the ordinary and enter into the extraordinary world offered through bespoke Business consultancy services and start your Business journey in the UK.

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