5 Ways Immigration Consultant Will Help You Get Settlement in UK

5 Ways Immigration Consultant Will Help You Get Settlement in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world to immigrate. A great healthcare system, state-funded school, and diverse population are just a few of the top benefits you and your family can enjoy living in the UK. It is indeed a wise decision to relocate or settle in this country permanently. But before you get too excited, get ready with your visa requirements first.  

Same with other applicants, you may have that instinct to handle the visa application yourself, but this is not recommended, especially that you are applying for settlement to a first-world country in Europe. Successful immigrants in the UK will all tell you to get assistance from the best immigration consultant. Here’s why.  

1 – Avoid Delay in Processing Time

Encountering problems with your visa application once submitted can definitely extend your waiting period or processing time. Improper paperwork, failure to pay the prescribed fees, lack or absence of supporting documents, questionable immigration history, as well as sudden increase in visa applications are the primary reasons for delays.  

 We want the overall process to be stress-free, quick and smooth as possible, so get an immigration lawyer to assist you all the way, from filling up the forms to securing the right documents. Never assume anything in your application; a minor error can cost additional processing time. Make sure that everything is clear, following all the instructions and guidelines. 

A person expert in immigration laws always ready to answer your questions or clarifications 24/7 is definitely a big help.  

2 – Comprehensive List of Requirements

Immigration laws are changing, especially when a global epidemic is happening such as COVID-19. Hence, it is a must to keep yourself updated on the newest guidelines released by the UK Visas and Immigration Centre.   

To make sure that you comply with all the requirements, seek advice from the best immigration lawyer you can find, specialising in your specific visa application. Whether it is to apply for a skilled worker visa, student visa, or spouse or family member visa, your chosen expert immigration consultant knows all the permits, regulations, and standards set forth.  

They can provide you with all the options and steps, so you can successfully settle in the UK. For instance, based on the latest guidelines, when you want to apply for a skilled worker visa, you are required to obtain a reference number of your certificate of sponsorship from your employer, evidence of good knowledge of the English language (except if you’re a national of the exempted countries), a valid document showing personal information including nationality like a passport, and work designation or position and yearly pay together with the job code, employer name, and sponsor licence number. Along with all these, there are other documents for submission depending on your situation such as proof of savings to support your settlement, criminal record certificate, and academic certificate (PhD certificate).  

3 – Legal and Smooth Settlement 

The immigration process does not end once your visa gets approved. In fact, visa approval is just the beginning of the many technicalities you are to go through, so you can pass through the immigration officer at the airport and finally settle in one of the beautiful accommodations in the country. The best immigration lawyer will be with you all throughout, to guide and help in accomplishing all the requirements needed to make sure your stay in the UK is legal (ex. resident visa) to avoid getting deported or revocation of permit.  

4 – Higher Chance of Visa Approval

Since you are getting advice from an expert in British immigration laws, there is a higher chance of getting your visa application approved. You have peace of mind that all the steps you go through are legal and the best in the eyes of the immigration officer who will be handling your case. You know that your consultant will always have your best interest at heart, whatever happens. On average, you will know the result in 3 to 4 weeks after you submitted your application online and attended your appointment at the visa application office.  

5 – Wide Local Network for Help 

Getting the best immigration lawyers assure you that whenever something is needed during the application process, whether that would be a professional or a certification, they can refer you to the right people or organisation. For example, they can recommend an experienced property lawyer to assist you in finding the best accommodation in the UK during your arrival.  

So what are you waiting for? Hire an immigration consultant now! Don’t waste this opportunity of achieving your British or European dream by getting delayed or worse, rejected.  

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