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With a growing economy, low taxes, and high demand for Western products and services, the Middle East offers great opportunities for growing businesses and franchisors alike.

At The One World, we use our unparalleled experience and extensive knowledge of the region to help you expand into the lucrative Middle East market.


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Why Expand or Franchise Your Business in the Middle East?

The Middle East is experiencing rapid economic growth and creating incredible opportunities.

Low tax rates and the high demand for Western products and services offer huge potential for anyone looking to expand over there. The Middle East is famously rich in natural resources, particularly oil and gas, providing golden opportunities for all energy, transportation, and logistics businesses.

It’s also a popular tourist destination, and with millions of wealthy visitors every year, it presents nearly limitless opportunities for businesses related to hospitality, tourism, or real estate.

Understanding the Culture and Legal System in the Middle East

The culture and business etiquette in the Middle East can differ significantly from that of Western countries. It’s crucial to understand the differences to avoid misunderstandings that can harm relationships.

The legal system also differs greatly. It’s important to work with someone who understands the key differences between the two regions – that’s where The One World can help you.

Franchising Your Business in the Middle East

There are specific legal requirements for franchising in the Middle East. Starting a franchise requires thorough market research and a strong understanding of the region. We can help you with both as well as finding the right franchisee.

Expanding Your Business into the Middle East

Popular methods to expand a business in the Middle East include setting up a branch office, joint venture, or wholly owned subsidiary. Choosing the right market entry strategy requires market research and an understanding of legal requirements.

Finding the right Franchisee and Investors from the Middle East

The region has many potential investors. Pitching to them demands an understanding of cultural nuances and preferences. If you plan to partner with them, you’ll need a good knowledge of the legal and financial implications.

Because of our vast network in the regions, The One World can help you find your ideal franchisee or investor from the Middle East and assist with raising funds necessary for expansion.

Expanding or franchising a business in the Middle East offers a huge array of benefits and opportunities, everything from lower taxes to the growing demand for Western products and services.

At The One World, we provide comprehensive support to businesses looking to expand into the region, whether it be market research or finding reliable partners and investors.

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