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If you’re at the helm of a business entity, there are several formal obligations to account for. Those include a contract with a trustworthy insurance company. You might need a reliable insurance intermediary to configure insurance plans and settle claims. The One World can help you do that without straining your budget. Thanks to our team of experienced professionals, we can help to find an insurance partner that best suits your needs.

We understand that the insurance needs vary with the industry type. Our professionals can assess the various parameters of your business with complete confidence. They can create the ideal quotes and bring you in contact with commercial insurance partners most suitable per your and your employee’s requirements.

Affordable plans

Our professionals analyse the most efficient insurance quotes and provide you with solutions that fit your budget.

Affordable prices

We ensure that your insurance plans cover all the risks associated with your industry.

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We make it pretty straightforward for your employees to sign up. We secure their personal info.

Find A Suitable Insurance Partner

Why Should You Approach a Commercial Insurance Partner?

Regardless of how well you maintain your operations, you must ensure the well-being of your employees and their next of kin. A commercial and industry insurance specialist can help you develop a comprehensive plan you can provide to everyone in your organisation. It also builds trust within your employees that their workplace has their back in case of any mishappenings.

Our Role As An Insurance Intermediary

The One World operates with a global service and manufacturing insurance experts network. We do our best to partner with a provider with the best quotes for your industry. In addition, you can leave the tedious work of paperwork to us. We let you continue with your business as we draft the most appropriate insurance quotes on your behalf.

Why Choose The One World?

Whether you are a fresh entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, The One World can help you avail of an insurance partner within your budget. With decades of experience, we have an exhaustive database of quotes. There is no doubt that we’ll find one that you can implement in your enterprise wholesale. Moreover, our assisting partnership with insurance company can ease the settlement of any claims that arise in the near future.


In contrast to providing assistance to an individual, commercial insurance deals with the well-being of assets critical to the business. Thus, they can belong to any of the following types.

  • Commercial general liability insurance: This is the insurance that covers general risks from business operations. It includes reparations for bodily harm, property damage, and medical treatments for all employees who sign up for it. A few partners even offer third-party cover with commercial general liability insurance.
  • Property insurance: The insurance that you subscribe to the property for your business. In addition to the location, it also applies to on-site inventory, such as desks, computers, chairs, etc.
  • Business interruption insurance: The insurance that lets your business survive through natural disasters and pandemics, ensuring that it fulfills its obligations even as most of the assets are disabled. It covers the property rent, employees’ wages, revenue, taxes, and loan repayments.

Cyber liability insurance: It is the insurance that protects the personally identifiable or confidential data pertaining to your business. You can also avail of it if you face damages due to a cyber attack.

Yes. The corporate laws in the UK make it mandatory to cover all employees with life insurance when they sign up for commercial insurance. It comes under the general liability part of the plan. In case any employee receives an injury during office hours, it’s the workplace’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate financial and medical aid is provided to them and their immediate family members.

Yes. The Financial Conduct Authority mandates that every employer registered within the UK must have an insurance plan for all its employees. It should provide a cover for at least £5 million from an authorised insurer. A company that’s found to default on such responsibilities can attract a fine of £2,500 accumulating daily.

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