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To give wings to your bright commercial idea, you need to follow a standard procedure for registering your company trademark. Although it has been immensely simplified thanks to the internet, the process involves plenty of documentation that can take weeks to conclude. That’s why you need to consider a service that can take the load off your shoulders so that you can tend to other urgent matters.

Thanks to our team of experienced professionals, we can assist you to register trademark in UK. We can handle everything, from startup brand registration and patent application support to corporate registration renewal. We can also locate an appropriate copyright infringement lawyer for you if you require legal assistance.

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Our corporate experts analyse your products and business models swiftly and efficiently.

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We don’t leave any surcharges or taxes unaccounted for. Our work fits your needs perfectly.

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We operate a 24/7 customer support helpline to assist you, regardless of the nature of the issue.

What Does It Take to File a Trademark in the UK?

All registered trademarks in the UK go through the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The organisation is responsible for verifying the authenticity and duration of each corporate entity. While the fee is nominal, it can take up to 4 months before your trademark registration is complete. You need to submit your documents online or through the postal service. As the process may require meeting with an IPO official, you may have to accommodate the time within your schedule. However, you can hire an outside consultancy to represent you, saving you that hassle and letting you focus on your business operations.

Why Passing Off Intellectual Property Matters

There might be instances where you unknowingly try to register a trademark already existing within the IPO database. In other cases, you may wish to legally transfer your patent or other intellectual property to or from your employers. Thus, it helps to understand the available avenues to do that as swiftly and efficiently as possible. With adequate resources, you might save time correcting documents or involving yourself in court battles.

What The One World Can Do to Help

Whether you want to initialise a startup or extend the trademark for an established company, The One World can deliver excellent services. Our professionals can study your brand in depth and provide you with a viable plan to keep it legitimate for decades. Additionally, we also specialise in verifying patent profiles. We ensure that you claim the deserved credit for the services or products you invent without attracting costly lawsuits.


When you file a trademark in the UK, you may need to pay around £170 to register it with the IPO. In case you want additional trademarks, you need to pay around £50 for each extended sub-section, service, or product of your organisation.

Usually, trademarks in the UK last for ten years from the date of issue. You can check the official IPO website and search for your trademark using the trademark number, owner name, or any keyphrase/image associated with it. It tells you the remaining duration of that trademark with a particular owner. You can extend your trademark registration for up to 20 years during that period.

You can check the official IPO website or their annual journal to know the various existing trademarks within the UK. The agency alerts you during the application process whether your trademark is suitable for registration or if other patents already exist as your proposed service or product.

Yes. If you want to apply for a patent or trademark related to your commercial entity, you must have an address providing it within the UK, Gibraltar, or the Channel Islands.

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