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Need to reorganise your workspace? At The One World, we understand this and offer our customised organisational change services. Our experts can help you create an efficient and effective system that will keep your workplace running smoothly. Get the best structure for your business with The One World and make better decisions while achieving your business goals faster.

The One World knows exactly what it takes to transform your business successfully. Our team has decades of experience in management consulting and organisational structure hierarchy. We work with clients to identify their goals, map out a plan of action and then execute it to perfection.

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We take a detailed look at your business to develop a plan of action tailored specifically to your needs.

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Our highly experienced professionals are committed to ensuring that your privacy is always respected.

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Our team is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your inquiries or resolve any problems.

Why Is A Functional Organisation Structure Important?

A functional organisation structure enables organisations to achieve greater operational efficiencies. It allows employees with shared skills and knowledge to work together and perform similar functions, leading to a focus on one area of work productivity. Specialisation within departments also makes staff skilled in their tasks, and accountability is clear.

Which Organisational Structure Suits Your Business?

Choosing a suitable structure is essential to achieving success when setting up your business organisation. A well-planned business organisational structure will provide you with the services and resources you need to succeed. It also promotes efficiency and coordination within your team. We can help you in choosing an organisation structure while considering your company’s goals and the market conditions in which it will operate.

Why Choose The One World?

The One World Consultancy y provides business restructuring services that can help your business succeed much differently. Our team has extensive experience in the field and is supported by an extensive network of contacts. It will help you to maximise the benefits that will come as a result of our services. Our services are tailor-made for each organisation, so we can ensure that we deliver the most impactful results possible.

Business Restructuring Services


Operational restructuring can be a critical step in improving a company’s efficiency and performance. This type of change typically involves decreasing the hierarchy level, revamping job roles, shrinking the workforce, and modifying reporting connections. Effectively implementing these changes can be difficult, but if done correctly, they can result in significant improvements.

When a company undergoes a restructuring, some employees may feel anxious. This can take away from their focus on the tasks at hand, leading to negative consequences for the company. Some employees may even begin looking for new jobs. Thus, the company’s management needs to establish clearly defined goals and objectives for each department.

Hierarchy is a crucial component of organisational structure. The chain of command within a company begins with senior management and executives and extends to general employees. This organisational structure hierarchy ensures management levels understand their relationships with each other and helps companies make efficient decisions.

This one-time expense includes laying off employees, closing manufacturing plants, or shifting production to a new location. The amount of the charge will vary depending on the specifics of the case.

Successfully implementing transformative change demands a greater degree of commitment and perseverance, but it is possible. Leaders must develop a clear rationale for the change and be committed to making it happen. They must also inspire employees to embrace the changes and work together towards common goals.

Design organisational charts are used to visually depict an organisation’s internal structure and provide details on its positions and employees. They can also be used to communicate a company’s approach to marketing, business, and other functions. Managers can track progress and make decisions about personnel changes through a design organisation chart.

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