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The One World can help foreign companies to open bank accounts quickly and hassle-free. We have numerous relationships with the best banks across the country to help your business with any banking needs so you can start trading straightaway.. This is especially necessary for companies who are looking to expand their operations or gain more customers.

The One World can make your banking dream a reality. We have years of experience in helping businesses start operating and expanding in the UK. We can help with the application process and ensure a quick turnaround until your bank account is open. You can rely on our extensive network of qualified banks and advisors for our streamlined process and helpful services.

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What Is Needed For a Business Bank Account Set Up?

Setting up an account with a bank is important to start business operations in the UK. Directors and substantial shareholders must present photographic identification and proof of address to open an account. The bank may need to meet with representatives from your business in person to sign a bank mandate authorising the account opening.

How Do Business Bank Accounts Work?

A business bank account allows you to send and receive money and set up standing orders and direct debits. Opening a bank account for a new business can further be used to pay for services and goods online and in person. Having a business account is essential for coordinating expenses between departments at your company. It also offers better rates on loans than personal bank accounts do.

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At The One World, we draw on an elite and extensive network of contacts and connections for you. Our competitive prices guarantee unparalleled access to the best of everything. We’re committed to putting our clients first, striving to exceed all expectations, and believe everyone deserves access to unmatched services. Our memberships and singular packages offer exclusive access to your business’s best services and facilities.


If you are a non-UK resident or citizen, there are no legal restrictions that stop you from creating a business account in the UK. You simply need to meet the minimum requirements set by the bank and provide evidence of your identity and business ownership.

Many times, businesses are rejected due to industry type or credit score. Other reasons may include the registered location of your company or if it is considered a high-risk endeavour. However, it is vital to have an aggressive marketing plan and proof of financial stability to win approval.

If you’re looking for a top business bank account, Revolut is a great option. With low costs and innovative features, fintech is available in many countries around the World. Tide and Starling are also good options if you’re looking for a traditional bank account.

No, a bank won’t do a credit check when you open a business account. It means that your credit history will not impact your score in any way.

As far as UK company law goes, it is legal to use a personal bank account for business. Being a sole trader, you can use your personal bank account to receive payments and make transactions without any legal consequences. On the other hand, if you are running a company, you must have a separate business account.

If you have less than 100 employees, your business account should take just a few days to approve. For bigger businesses, the wait time might be up to 120 days.

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