What Do Business Concierge Services Offer Companies?

Business Concierge Services

What is a Business Concierge Service?

Business concierge services are a support system that provides a ‘product bundle’, these services offer businesses support and guidance from the start of their company and throughout. Business concierge companies will deal with things such as HR matters, accounts queries, legal matters, opening business bank accounts, business, and networking introductions, IT issues, and many more. Any questions or problems you face when running your business, the concierge service you have hired will be able to help you to make running your business easier. Their dedicated team of professionals will take it upon themselves to let you offload specific needs of your business onto them, so they can deal with them efficiently, leaving you more free time to run your company.

How does a Business Concierge Service work?

It is a common misconception that only wealthy businesses will be able to afford a concierge service. This is because it falls under the category of the luxury industry. There have been many companies that have benefited from hiring a concierge company, be them small or big. You do not need to have a company as big as Microsoft to reap the benefits and support of hiring a concierge service. No matter your size, I am sure you are working hard to run your business day to day. After a hard day’s work, the thought of doing more work like planning meetings, buying plane tickets, and more is not pleasant. A concierge company will take that weight off your shoulders, letting you rest after a hard day’s work knowing it’s safe in their hands.

How Much do they Cost?

Like with most companies that provide a service each charge will be different depending on the task you ask of them or the time

it will take. Some charge per task and some may charge hourly. Some services have a flat-out rate for a set membership with their services, this can be either monthly or yearly, depending on how long you think you need them for. You will have to take the time to research different services to see which one fits your needs and business. Check your budget before you enquire about a concierge service you found to make sure you can afford them or which parts of their service you would like to pay for.

Expand your Business

There are also valuable other ways a business concierge company can help businesses expand their market, they are listed below;

● Researching your competition

● Acquiring new business beyond your usual targeted audience

● Claiming a new niche

● Add new offerings/ products

● Seek referrals

● Launching websites

● Franchising your business

All these points are ones a concierge service will be able to help and support with or do for you with your permission

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Once Expanded

Once you have your business set up at a new address, the concierge service will still be there to support you. They will be able to give you connections to local professionals, secretarial services, and anyone else you feel your business needs to get in contact with. Getting these new connections will help your new site grow and thrive by giving you new customers/ clients, shareholders, and even investors. The goal of concierge services is to always minimize disruptions, help you grow bigger, and run the errands that will professionally establish your business. Instead of hiring human resources to deal with greeting new guests and customers, newly relocated businesses will often use business concierge services. This is because they will have a flexible workspace provider, with online offices, unlike human resources.

Coming to the UK

If you bring your business overseas to the UK, this can be extremely difficult with a lot more to get done than moving within the UK itself. There can be budget changes, visa applications, language barriers, new laws to learn, and many more. A concierge service will be able to help your business make an easy and safe international relocation. They can provide services to help with this like;

● Providing Translators

● Providing Advice on Lawyers

● Helping with Visa applications

● Hiring Short term employees for the move

● Hiring needed equipment

● Booking conference rooms/ meeting spaces.

All they do

Below is a quick look list of some of the main points that a concierge service will provide you and your company:

● HR matters

● IT services

● Accountant matters

● Helping you find a Lawyer

● Help with Visa applications

● Hiring employees

● Opening business bank accounts

● Networking and business introductions

● Helping with Fundraising

● Booking meetings/ conferences

● Hiring equipment

● Relocation help

● Providing Translators

● Travel Arrangements

● Restaurant/ bar reservations

● Preferential treatment

● Exclusive benefits (VIP venue access etc)

● Private dining requests

● Source and book tickets for events

● Staff incentives/ parties

● Rewarding the indispensable members of staff

● Improving your employees work morale

● Demonstrating your commitment to your employees

● Bespoke services

● Freeing up your time

● Access to newsletters and news that relates to your business

Who to Choose?

Picking the right concierge, like with any service, should not be rushed, doing your research and knowing your budget are the priority things to do before you hire one. The One World is a UK-based concierge service that offers all listed above, with proficiency and professionalism. They know that each business is unique and hence need a bespoke plan to help them thrive and grow. They offer a free 30-minute consultation, where you can tell them all your needs and wants of their service. That way you can gain trust and know you are in safe hands before you sign up. They offer ongoing or on-demand payments, this way you can pick if you want to pay monthly or yearly for 24/7 support or if you want to pay as you go for each task assigned to them.

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