Connecting British Franchises with Middle East Investors

Connecting British Franchises with Middle East Investors

When it comes to a significant business investment, like setting up a franchise abroad, it doesn’t get any better than doing it in the Middle East. Why? Well, the startup process is easy, and the population in the region has good purchasing power. But above all, the business communities in countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have an excellent understanding of the economic benefits of reputed, international franchising. They’ve sort of become maestros at it by fully embracing and integrating the concept for decades.

The UAE, for instance, is a pretty small country in comparison to the UK but it’s astonishing to see that the services industry contributes towards half of its annual GDP. Around 84% of the population of the GCC nation spends on services and products. This is ideal for establishing a solid, multi-unit franchise, especially if you’re a renowned brand with a good growth trajectory in your home country. With a 15% less population than Great Britain, it’s also surprising to see that yearly exhibitions in the UAE attract a wide range of international retailers and brands from a slew of diverse industries. From tourism and fast food to clothing and childcare, the UAE boasts all sorts of franchises.

Top Strategies to Connect with Middle East Investors

You Need to Collaborate with an Expert Franchisee

While many franchise business owners will want to work with regional distributors or a designated agent to get the lay of the market and the land, it can be tricky if you don’t have the right connections. At One World, we have a wealth of resources and a powerful network in the UAE, helping businesses link with respected and reputed franchisees who will spearhead your brand’s growth using their experience and resources.

In light of this, here are some other benefits of why you should choose One World for your franchise investment UK:

  • Setting up a franchise or multiple stores won’t be that capital-intensive.
  • Owners of the franchise (you and your partner) will have more commitment compared to the business managers.
  • You’ll be in the driving seat of your brand, maintaining and optimizing quality standards.
  • You’ll have access to streamlined local knowledge, work with experienced professionals, and generate a powerful network of important contacts in the area.
  • The language barriers won’t be a hindrance, helping you overcome several cultural barriers and federal legislation.

You Need to Build a Methodical Marketing Campaign

Building and implementing focused and targeted marketing strategies is very important if you want to collaborate with high-net-worth Middle East investors. To do that, you’ll need to understand the local culture, traditions, and customs. Your branding must resonate with the local consumer markets and appeal to your investors. Prove that you have a competitive advantage over other brands and that you have multiple unique selling points. It’s all about personalizing your brand to suit the local culture while maintaining the same level of quality control and standards.

Always Be Transparent

The best way to build lasting business relationships and develop a strong sense of trust with potential investors is to be upfront and transparent with them. Remember, it doesn’t matter how well-known or big you are in the UK, to pounce on lucrative franchise opportunities in the Middle East, you’ll need to show investors your growth trajectory, performance levels, and revenue projections. Doing so professionally and amicably will help build quick rapport and prove to the investors that you are and will always be committed to the partnership.

The One World has a vast amount of industry experience in developing lucrative collaborations with Middle East investors. We know how to navigate the business complexities revolving around these markets. We have a demonstrated track record as well as multiple contacts in a variety of Middle Eastern countries. The One World can help you with a slew of important facets ranging from producing feasibility reports and developing operational strategies for your franchise to foreign recruitment and finding the right Middle East high net worth individuals.

Start your business venture with OneWorld!

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