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Throughout the existence of our business, we have helped several businesses expand and achieve massive milestones. Regardless of the nature of the industry, at The One World, we believe in substantial growth with the appropriate investment. That’s why we offer our services to all ventures, both native to the UK and to foreign nationals.

We at The One World believe that each venture and location have specific needs that you need to meet in alignment with the vision of your business. With our help, you can manage those nuances and obtain the desired results from all your franchise extensions, both within the UK and abroad. If you wish to expand within the Middle East, our professionals can guide you through the appropriate channels.


Our professionals study your budget thoroughly and offer the most affordable solutions as per your need.

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Whether you wish to expand a franchise within the UK or Middle East, we have your needs covered.

Franchise Your Business With Reliable Support Services

How Can You Benefit From Franchising?

Expanding your franchise can yield desirable results. The Middle East is an emerging market but represents an excellent opportunity for expansion , as several governments liberalise their regulations and open up to Western markets. Getting the right opportunities and investments can extend your profit margins substantially.

On the other hand, the post-Brexit UK can prove challenging for foreign businesses and business people to invest in. Setting up a franchise allows you to test the waters without much financial risk and creating considerable probability for profits. With guidance from the right experts, even startups that can avail of the governmental loan policies.

Why Consider The One World?

Help UK-based businesses expand to emerging markets. We can connect you with business and investment partners and franchisees willing to invest in your initiative.

Moreover, if you’re foreign national looking to invest in the UK through franchises, we can provide a suitable prospectus to make your investments worth it


In most cases, yes. Owning a franchise means you’re exposed to less financial and personal risk while having a substantial chance to profit.

Franchises contribute around GBP 17 billion to the UK economy each year. Thus, buying a franchise can prove lucrative, provided you make the appropriate choice. You need to follow the below-mentioned requirements before purchasing a franchise in the UK.

  • Enough capital to license the franchise. You can obtain it through startup loans, short-term financing, or leasing.
  • A sale deed on the property where you’ll set up the franchise.
  • The essential staffing and equipment requirements for the franchise. Typically, the owner of the franchise can brief you on those.
  • Registration for your franchise for government records and tax payments.

Yes, foreign nationals can buy franchises in the UK. Also, buying a franchise can open up various avenues of benefits for foreign nationals. Still, all new   must register with the Companies House and shall remain subject to official requirements, like filing for annual accounts.

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